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Today, we write *paysage divin jardin du souvenir* for the exhibition Les fleurs sauvages by Double Séjour,
fleurs_sauvages_NJ Yesterday, our business card hatched,
carte_visite_NJ Yesterday, Ninon made the layout for a piece of the artist Georgia René-Worms,
image_georgia_rene_worms Yesterday, we marked the books in Ravisius Textor,
marque_page_Ravisius_textor Yesterday, Jimmy performed the reading FormFormat — Bulla Tabula at Artez,
lecture_shouw Yesterday, Jimmy participated in Typeset, A Reader vol. 2, collectif book from Artez about typography edit by Jeremy Jansen,
extrait_common_workship Yesterday, Jimmy designed the texts from the Creative Writing’s bachelor of Artez about backyard,
backyard_jpg Yesterday, Ninon spoke quietly with Lucie,
image_avoixbasse Yesterday, Ninon linked fragments,
image_fragment_1 Yesterday, we presented Approche with Paul Andali and his project TypeTrouble at BattCoop,
revue_approche_type_trouble Yesterday, Jimmy with Yannik Rapp and Candela Gonzalez made a digital double,
revue_christianart Yesterday, Ninon was in Chaumont with Tombolo Presses and Approche C,
revue_approche_chaumont Yesterday, Jimmy made bunch of flowers, bouquet_fleur_jimmy
Yesterday, we published Approche C, approche_C
Yesterday, we think a signage for Ravisius Textor, signaletique_ravisius_textor
Yesterday, in 2018,
Yesterday, Ninon played hopscotch, marelle_ninon
Yesterday, Ninon did interventions at Strate, school of design,
Yesterday, we were at Offprint, approche_offprint
Yesterday, we talked about lines at Lyon, tim_ingold_approche
Yesterday, we closed our graduation show at Ravisius Textor, ravisius_diplome
Yesterday, Ninon went to San Diego to met David Antin, david_antin_ninonchaboud
Yesterday, Jimmy had time to snap Yellowstone, yellowstone_jimmycintero
Yesterday, we left Nevers, quitte_nevers
Yesterday, we lay some ground with Thomas Durieux and Valentin Garcia at RT, diplome_ravisius_jimmy_ninon
Yesterday, we graduated from Ésaab Nevers, diplome_esaab_ninon_jimmy
Yesterday, Ninon drew the outline of Oléron flora, floraison_ninon_jpg
Yesterday, Jimmy design an anthology in his garden, cornucopia_jimmy
Yesterday, we printed Approche B at Jean Tixier, approche_B
Yesterday, Jimmy invited Éloïsa Perez and Joris Cintero at RT, conference_eloisa
Yesterday, Ninon whispered at After 8 Books, a_voix_basse
Yesterday, Ninon went with *Duuu Radio at Sorcière Anonyme, sorciere_anonyme
Yesterday, with Nicolas Couturier, we drew in white pages at Ravisii, quiproquo
Yesterday, Ninon invited G.U.I to barter at 8, street of 4 winds, quiproquo_livre
Yesterday, Approche was slipped behind the window of the bookshop Ouvrir l’œil at Lyon, approche_ouvrir_loeil
Yesterday, Jimmy with Cascade went to Ensba Lyon, cascade_ensba
Yesterday, Ninon walked on Ravisius Textor’s walls, marche_ninon
Yesterday, we danced Cornicopia at Bibliotheca Somesthesica, cornucopia_danse
Yesterday, we bound Approche A at Nevers, approche_A
Yesterday, in 2017,
Yesterday, Jimmy with Aurélien Jesel and Riso Presto made a book for the artist Côme Clérino, png_come_clerino
Yesterday, Ninon printed the book Ce que l’édition fait à l’art with Tombolo Presses at Gent, catalogue_cequeleditionfaitalart
Yesterday, we participated for the exhibition Ce que l’édition fait à l’art, Extraits d’une collection at the school Ésaab, expo_cequeleditionfaitalart

Ninon Chaboud et Jimmy Cintero